Hey guys!!!!

It’s been a while but I’m back to share a great juicing recipe with you!

My fiance bought me a juicer the other day and up until then I was using a regular ol’ blender to mix up my fruits and veggies for a daily nutrient packed beverage. While the blender worked well, I find juicing to be better in consumption.

There are so many great benefits to juicing, here are just a few:

  • promotes energy
  • great source of fiber (which is great for your digestive tract)
  • packed with vitamins and minerals
  • keeps skin glowing and healthy
  • enhances visibility
  • promotes weight loss

Here’s a recipe I call the “Lean Green.” It has a sweet, zesty taste!

  • 1 mango sliced
  • 1 whole orange
  • 2 handfuls of spinach
  • 1/4 of a lemon

Add to juicer and let the juicing begin! Place in freezer to chill.

Enjoy the benefits and stay tuned for more great juicing recipes!!! ūüôā


30 minute Cardio Skipping Routine

Things you’ll need:

Interval timer

Jump Rope (weighted ropes give you more of a calorie burn and tones the arms)

Those great gams of yours!

Start with a  5 minute warm-up: Jumping at a slow steady speed just to get your heart rate up. Stay on the balls of your feet.

Set interval timers to:

1:00/:30 for 12 rounds (You will be skipping for 1 minute then resting for 30 seconds)

Let’s go!!!

1:00 First round: Jump with both feet, stay on the balls of your feet while jumping keeping feet low to the ground.  Jump at a quick steady pace.

:30 Rest

1:00 Second round: High Knee Skips. Bring those knees up and keep a quick steady pace going.

:30 Rest

1:00 Third round: Alternate Leg Skips.  Do 5 skips on one leg then 5 skips on the other continuing to alternate for 1 minute keeping feet low to the ground

:30 Rest

Repeat whole routine starting with first skipping exercise until you’ve reached 12 rounds.

Cool down for 5 minutes by stretching legs and arms and taking deep breaths in and exhaling slowly.

Do this routine 2-3 days a week

I will be posting some more challenging skipping routines.  For now have fun toning and burning with this one!


I’ve known I wanted to be a personal trainer for many years and actually just got a job as a fitness trainer at one of the big-chain gyms. Up until my very first day on the job, which was yesterday, I never really asked myself, “Why I wanted to be personal trainer?” Obvious reasons may be that I like to workout and stay healthy, but I’ve never seriously thought about this question.

On the first day of my new job, I shadowed my personal training manager. I watched as he worked out two different clients and at one point during one of his sessions, I noticed a young overweight woman, probably in her early 20’s, sitting on one of those resistance machines, longingly watching my manager workout his client. I couldn’t help but to notice how deperate she looked sitting on the machine and pulling the weight up and down so effortlessely on the bicep-curl machine. As she changed machines after doing a few reps on each, she continued to watch the session.

Watching her watch on as my manager trained his client, pulled at my heart strings. I could see the desperation in her eyes!

I share this with you because a few years back, I was that girl. Overweight, no confidence, and not knowing exactly what to do to change it. That’s when it came to me, “This is why I want to be a personal trainer!” I want to be able to inspire others through my experiences. I want to be able to let them know with motivation and will, things can change. Giving people the right tools to change for the better, to me, is one of the most selfless gifts anyone can give! Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves and when you feel comfortable in your own skin, your confidence shines through! If I can accomplish this with at least one person, I will then officially call myself a “Personal Trainer.”

Squats…squat jumps…split squats…and kickdowns, All in a matter of a few minutes! Whew, I’m hit!!! Beads of sweat literally just pouring down like a rain storm, and this is just in the first 10 minutes. I have 20 minutes to go and I honestly feel like this workout will be cut short. But I did it!!! “Water please!” I’ve had a few personal trainers in my life but not like this one, thanks to NTC, the (Nike Training Club)!

Nike Training Club is an iPhone app that is your own personal trainer when and wherever you want it! With over 80 different workouts and 3 levels, you are sure to get a “butt-kicking” workout.

Quick rundown of the apps features:

  • over 80 different workouts
  • 3 levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced)
  • listen to your playlist while using the app
  • get tips and video demonstrations of every exercise
  • earn badges and receive rewards
  • it’s a free app!!!

If you’re ready for a calorie blasting workout in a small amount of time, Download this app today!


The other day someone wanted advice on how to get rid of their belly fat. Good question! Everyone wishes for a nice, flat stomach but not many know how to accomplish this. Here are some things that work for me

Two things that help to get rid of that muffin top are: Cardo training and eating the right things. Yes, crunches and sit ups will help build the muscle in your midsection, but that is all these exercises will do. How about getting rid of the fat so those abs can be seen.

Start sweating away the fat by doing just about any exercise involving cardio. Running is a great way to a full body cardio workout. If you are not a avid runner, build your way up to gain some milage by doing a interval routine. For example, run until you feel fatigued then walk until you can gain enough energy to run again. Keep this up and you’ll be running miles without stopping!

Like I said, any cardio exercise will help you lose body fat. Take an aerobics class or spinning class. Use the elipitcal or treadmill at your gym. Twenty minutes of cardio 3-5 days a week is enough to see some results.

Now, let’s not forget that your diet is also important. Many of us already know the right things to eat and what to stay away from, but we tend to ignore what we already know. Some things that should be included in your fat blasting diet are:

lots of water to stay hydrated

eat foods high in protein and low in fat, although eating foods with some fat is not all that bad

Eat complex carbohydrates like whole wheat or whole grain.

Load your plate with vegetables and snack on healthy snacks like fruit or nuts.

Don’t deprive yourself of the foods you enjoy… Eat them in moderation! You’ll still be a great person!


One of my favorite holidays is underway.. Yup, you guessed it… Halloween! It’s the one time of year where it’s ok to be something other than yourself. The countdown has begun and amidst all the spookiness surrounding the city as well as the classic thrillers that appear on practically every channel, I’m looking for a great costume to run in during the “Wicked Fun 5K Run” in New Haven, CT. I think this would be a great opportunity to combine my two favorite things. The question is what am I going to be?

I am a Trekky at heart and I’ve seen this really cute “Star Trek” costume at one of those Halloween Shops… Hmm, this could be the one!

Or an “Avatar” that’ll be cool!

I can keep it simple and go with a traditional costume while sticking to the event theme and go as a “Wicked Witch”

I have some time to decide but believe me this will probably be one of the hardest decisions I’ll ever have to make…


Looking to participate in a Halloween event? Click find event to find what’s “gouling” on around you!

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What costume should I wear? Answer this is the poll section

I tend to become really bored quickly with just about everything, especially my workouts. The one thing that I enjoy doing is running, but this can also lose its excitement. I try to run outdoors rather than in the gym just so I can have a change of scenery. I find myself running without thinking about it, whereas while jogging on a treadmill I’m constantly looking down at the control panel to see how many miles I’ve completed.

This past weekend my boyfriend and I took a trip to the city. Although our trips to the city are frequent, we did something else other than just shop and eat. I already love the fast-paced atmosphere and what I love even more is fitness seems to be surrounding the city. There are people running in the parks, up and down the avenues, and along the boardwalks. I’ve never visited Central Park the many times I’ve been there so we decided that we can kill two birds with one stone… (we can finally capture the experience of Central Park while working out). By far, this is my favorite place to run. Not only for the change of scenery, but we were amongst other runners, walkers, bikers, people on roller blades and skateboards. We were among young and old, black and white. Tourists and vendors and people who just wanted to relax in the shade under a tree while reading a book. This wasn’t a dull run; there was so much to take in. Before we knew it we were at mile 7 and that’s the most running I’ve ever done indoor or outdoor.

I’m glad we decided to take our run to the city and look forward to this experience again!